Finding your soulmate after divorce – a lesson in vulnerability.

What does vulnerability mean to you?

The definition of vulnerability is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure

But vulnerability is not weakness; it is our most accurate measure of courage.

Brené Brown

Being vulnerable after a painful ending to a relationship is not easy so take your time. Wait until you know your heart is safe with you before you open it to someone else.

Wait until you know you will follow your heart and not your fear of being hurt or alone.

Wait until you feel strong enough to accept that love and loss go together.

And when you can choose from that place you will no longer choose what is familiar and comfortable because it’s a pattern that feels safe just because it is familiar. 

Choose different, vulnerable and new. Or you can end up repeating your previous relationship.

Choose fun, loving, passion, laughter and honesty above all.

Go in vulnerable, allowing yourself to explore sharing a part of yourself you haven’t been able to share before. Yes, you could get hurt, but you will never know your soul mate if you will not show your soul to them.

And know that as soon as we fall in love there is a small piece of us that also feels the vulnerability of what it would feel like to lose this person. We must accept this possibility as there is nothing you can do if that is what is destined for you.

And long with this, understand that with every ending comes a new beginning.

Accept it knowing it’s a soulmate you seek.

Relinquish control or you will prevent your soulmate from reaching your heart.

Choose to open your heart to love.

Choose who deserves to reside in your heart.

Choose when you are ready.

Choose when you are done.

If you don’t choose – someone else will choose for you.

Fear your tears no more than joy for they dance together in your heart. 

Your soulmate will not run from your questions and will stay to hear your laughter.

They will cherish you on your low days and rejoice with you the days you fly.

Feel your heart in your chest and the love it holds and know it was meant to be shared.

Your love makes this world a better and kinder place. 

We all await your light. 

Love deeply and love big starting at home with you. 

Love & hugs 🥰

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2 thoughts on “Finding your soulmate after divorce – a lesson in vulnerability.

  1. Colleen Mccolloch

    After being in a very troubling marriage, releasing control to protect myself is a huge challenge but I accept that is the only way to go. It’s just hard and I’m working on it. It makes my heart hurt to trust like that.


    1. You likely know now that control doesn’t ensure happiness. It only restricts you as you can never truly control anyone. Instead focus on trusting yourself fully. That’s a big part of trusting others again 🥰🫶🏻


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