Healing, Growth and Sisterhood

As I write this it’s exactly one week since I said goodbye to the 6 beautiful souls that came to the most recent Rising Moon Sisters Retreat (RMS). It has taken me this long to allow the many feelings and experiences to settle in so that I can share with you.

There is something extra special about the ones I host here in my home because it allows me to literally invite them home. Yes, home to me but also home to themselves in a setting that feels easy, safe and where they can take a deep breath and release slowly and deeply.

Several of them had met online in some way before through our courses and membership. Two had met at our previous retreat. One had never met anyone except me. How brave she is.

As when I ran the first RMS retreat in September there were three things they really looked forward to. First, meeting each other in person; Second, doing work that would move them forward; Third, meeting me in person. And they weren’t the only ones. Being able to throw my arms around women I had worked with for months online and seen at their very worst moments, is an experience beyond what I am able to put into words, but every single person who was here knows exactly what I mean. And let’s be honest – when women are able to leave worries and obligations at home and come together in a beautiful setting with an abundance of love in their hearts for each other – then some pretty amazing things happen.

Lots of tears and just as much laughter.

Love – so much love for each other and now also themselves.

Hearts open and they give their soul a voice.

Compassion, healing, releasing and did I mention love? Love for each other and themselves.

Food of course! Lots of good food and even some nice chilled Rosé and other wines.

As I look back there are some very clear experiences and takeaways that have really stayed with me.

Their vulnerability

I am beyond proud of them for how deep they were willing to go to release old wounds, to show their pain so that they can make room for their new life and relationships. Our release ritual is so powerful.

The power of ceremony –

We shared in a beautiful flower ceremony to manifest our intentions set on the New Moon. The magic we all felt; the energy shared among us was intense, powerful and empowering. We are forever connected through the flowers, in our hearts and beyond.

Sisterhood –

These 7 women are friends forever. They are sisters and each one knows she has a sister she can reach out to any time who understands, holds space for her and is safe. Seeing this happen makes my heart sing and dance.

When we did our release ritual they all made me do it as well and wow. There is a part of the ritual where we fill our sister’s heart with good words and can I tell you how difficult it was for me to receive that! Looks like the coach needs to do some work as well 😉 

My heart is still overflowing with gratitude and love for my moon sisters. I hope you don’t mind that I share some of what they had to say:

Thank you Elisabeth from the bottom of my heart. I could not have wished for a better first outing on my own . So much to reflect on… but for now I just feel immense gratitude and fullness. I felt surrounded in beauty and that’s the way I want to move ahead. 

~ Stacey G.

This weekend was truly a once in a lifetime experience. There were women from all over the world, all walks of life, at different stages in their healing journey; coming together for a magical experience. The weekend was full of growth, discovery, and self love led by Elisabeth. It was amazing to see the strength in each of these women, to hear what they have overcome, and their ambition for the future. To meet Elisabeth and women that you have been sharing your healing journey with in person was amazing. The location was breathtaking, the food was an experience in itself, but the part that will stay with me forever are the six sisters I left the retreat with.

~ Chelsea N.

I had the most inspiring weekend! I got to meet ladies who I now call my friends! I left having a new perspective and am trusting myself in my own opinions and thoughts. We did a candle exercise where my word is Confidence! I feel it in my heart already! We did a release exercise where I released other people’s thoughts, comments and opinions of how I should lead my life! What an awesome feeling! I welcome taking more chances in life with friends, relationships, travel and to keep living my dreams and living my life to the fullest!! Thank you!

~ Sandra H.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your bravery, your loving hearts and your trust in me and allowing me to guide you. It is truly an honour and privilege. You have taught me so much and I can’t wait to do this again in September and in Costa Rica in March!! 

Now let me ask you, the reader, are you one of our future sisters? We would love to meet you at a future retreat. You can check them out here.

I’ll see you soon!

Learn more about our Rising Moon Sisters Retreats both in Canada and Costa Rica

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